Fluffy pancakes

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To cook fluffy pancakes you need enough yeast and good wheat. Once we used for our pancake recipe a German spelt (dinkel) wheat, which is an old traditional wheat type. Normally it is quite healthy but for pancake baking not really recommended. Our result was a chewy pancake which was not really perfect. To create a fluffy pancake we use normally dry yeast so that the pancake really raises and has at least a thickness of half an inch.

The good thing about a fluffy pancake is that it really can absorb the syrup. And this is what makes a pancake great.

In our online shop we offer several very unique pancakesyrups which come from Georgia. A small artisan producer has developed a lot of fruit syrups which are really really delicious. Our favorites are the premium versions. This syrups are based on a clean label concept which means there are no additives or artificial ingredients. All these types are based on whole fruits (sometimes more than 65%), some cane sugar and lemon juice. Based on this ingredients you can imagine how delicious a blueberrysyrup or a strawberrysyrup is.

Just imagine a fluffy pancake with some bananas on the top and our delicious strawberry syrup. Isn’t it mouth watering?

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