American Breakfast

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To serve a great American breakfast you need the right items  to get the traditional feeling. Most items like eggs, wheat, yeast, milk, sausages, bacon, potatoes, coffee and fruits you can get in any kind of store. More difficult will be to get good maple syrup. Often people stick to the well known brands from the states. But if you buy a pancakesyrup you just have to look at the ingredients list and you will know that this is not a healthy product. If you want to have a healthy American breakfast we can recommend you our premium syrups from Blackberry Patch in Georgia.

This small US producer cooks some really delicious pancakesyrups. Based on a traditional recipe they developed fruit syrup without any artificial ingredients. Just a lot of whole fruits (sometimes more than 65% of fruit), cane sugar and lemon juice is all what is in the bottles.

With types like the blueberry syrup or the pumpkin spice syrup you can really create a really delicious American breakfast. Add some frozen fruits and it will be just wonderful. In this category of premium syrups you also find raspberry syrup, strawberry syrup, peach syrup and blackberry syrup. For those who prefer more the maple taste we offer e.g. cinnamon maple with corn syrup. This types are in 12 oz bottles and are much sweeter then the premium types.

Just have a look at all the different and great fruitsyrups and buy only your bottle for a great American breakfast.