American Pancake Recipe

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This is an American pancake recipe with some typical German spices. Probably you know speculoos cookies and this recipe includes German speculoo spice. Quite similar to cinnamon it gives the pancakes a delicious taste and flavour of German christmas season.  In German speculoos is called Spekulatius and when you google you will find some very delicious dessert recipes with this Spekulatius spices.

So for this American pancake recipe you need the following ingredients:

1,5 cup wheat
3,5 tea spoons baking powder
1,25 cup milk
1 egg
2 table spoons yoghurt
1 table spoon sugar
1 tea spoon spekulatius spice

Just mix everything in a bowl and then bake it with butter in a medium hot pan until the pancake gets gold brown. To make this pancake a really delicious dish we suggest that either put frozen raspberries on top and add our premium raspberry syrup or you take some sliced canned peaches and take the peach syrup. Both syrups are from our US manufacturer Blackberry Patch. Produced in small batches these fruit syrups are clean label and have no additives or artifical flavour or colors. Just based on whole fruits, cane sugar and some lemon juice these premium syrup are very healthy and delicious. Choose from our seven different types like blueberry, raspberry, apple, strawberry, blackberry, peach and pumpkin.

You can order easily online these syrups and spekulatius spice and make this american pancake recipe your favorite.