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Honey is a great natural product which you can buy here in the delicatessen online shop Die Scheune. Honey for breakfast with a good fresh bread or toast is a wonderful start in the morning. German breakfast is one of the important meals of the day. With hundreds of different breads and many many different honeys, jams, marmelades, jellies, cheese and sausage people enjoy the rich variation of german breakfast. Here in our online shop we offer you many different gourmet food from german producers. Two of them are our bee keepers. We offer you more than 35 different honey types. From pure types like acacia honey, european chestnut honey, canola honey, cornflower honey, fennel blossom honey, linden honey. Or the exciting types with natural flavour like honey with chili, with nut, with banana, strawberry, almond paste, espresso or mint. This are some of the types you can buy here in the german food shop. Just scroll in our breakfast area and you will find more than 120 different spreads and honeys. If you want to have honey as a gift you can choose are trinagle packages where you can 6 or 15 different types of honey. So just order your honey online and you will enjoy great german food.