Blueberry Pancakes

Just imagine you are sitting on your balcony or in your garden, the rising sun comes out and in front of you is a dish full of fresh blueberry pancakes. Wouldn’t it be awesome? The question is where is the garden, where ist he sun but most challenging where are the blueberry pancakes? To help you to achieve this goal we can offer you on this web site some affordable but extraordinary delicious pancake syrups.

For your blueberry pancakes you can choose two different type of syrup. One is in a 12 Oz bottle and based on corn syrup and some natural flavour. The other one is in a 8 Oz bottle and with 67% of blueberry. Yes, 67% of whole blueberries, some cane sugar and lemon juice. Based on this all natural ingredients you can imagine that this syrup is really delicious and contains many fruit parts. If you want you can add a few frozen blueberries and combined with this syrup you will probably have the most delicious blueberry pancakes you ever had.