Bear’s garlic oil cold pressed


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Sesame oil with dried and minced bear’s garlic leafes

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Our Oil manufacturer from Bavaria is specialiced on healthy cold pressed oils. All oils are enriched with natural flaour, taste and colour, they are not filtered or refined and contain no additive. A great speciality of our oil manufacturer is that as a farm most of the ingredients are selfproduced. This gurantees us to controll the raw materials and enables us to a high quality.
Usage: bear’s garlic oil is great for

  • all salads like leaf salad, pasta salad, potato salad
  • friing of fish and meat
  • marinade BBQ meat

Heat max. up to 180°C

What is cold pressed? Duringh the cold pressed process no heat is added. Therefore cold pressed oils are rich with minerals, vitamins, enzymes. These are typically not within standard spermarkt oils, but we need this ingredients for our health.




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Sesame oil with dried and minced bear’s garlic leafes

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Oelmuehle Hartmann GbR; Lindenfeldweg 12; 86420 Biburg

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