Chocolate & Caramel Creme Breakfast Package


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For all our chocolate lovers we have an interesting chocolate & caramel creme breakfast package. Our chocolatier has created 5 wonderful chocolate spreads you will love. With chocolate cremes you can’t wait for the next breakfast. Your bread or toast with this chocolate spread will bring you in a new dimension of taste. This chocolate & caramel spread is an awesome product. It is also a perfect present for people you love.

In our unique three angle package you get 6 different type of spreads. So all chocolate lovers will love this package.

All our small glasses of spread are hand made produced and with carefully chosen ingredients. Also the liquor in some of the spreads gives them a special taste. This chocolate cremes come directly from our chocolatier. They are like pralines on your bread. Awesome delicious and a real temptation

You get 6 different bread spreads which will give you a wonderful chocolate and caramel experience.

The package contains:


  • 1 x chocolate creme Orange & Chili
  • 1 x chocolate creme Orange & Nougat & Cointreau
  • 1 x chocolate creme Raspberry & Mascarpone
  • 1 x white chocolate creme Vanilla & Rum
  • 1 x white chocolate creme Lemone & Pistazio
  • 1 x caramel creme or caramel creme with peanuts

This offer is not only a great present idea for people you love or for birthday or other aniversaries. It is a product for you for every morning. Start the day with this enjoyment.
Made in Germany


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look at the ingredients of each product

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die Scheune GmbH; Waldmeisterstr. 99; 80935 Muenchen

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