Raspberry Goji Fruit Spread


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70 g Fruit per 100g Raspberry, Gojiberries, sugar, gellant: petcin, acidifier: lemonacid

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The raspberry goji fruit spread is created by the awardwinning producer from northern germany.

Allready 6 different fruit spreads (Christmas, Goji, Raspberry Goji, Cherry Cola, Bloodorange Whisky, Strawberry) have wone awards at the annual fruit spread competition in Berlin.

Fruit spread for a delicious breakfast bun in the morning. Comes from a small and nice manufacturer from northern Germany.
All real hand made:

The fruit spreads and jellys are not massproduced but are cooked in small quantities – just hand made. Basiclly they are cooked like in good old times, which means in small open pans. Fruits and sugar are used in 3:1 ratio, each pan will be individually tasted.


Only frozen fruits and juice best quality are used, e.g. sallw thorne comes from an organic farm or rose hip from a farm in Bavaria. Thats the reason why we can produce jelly and fruit spread with a good and fresh quality at any season.
Food additive:
The fruit spreads and jellys are free of aroma and food colorant, so that the color and taste represents the real characteristics of the fruit. As a gellant we only use apple pectin sugar, nothing else.

No additional preservative:
The natural shelf life will be achieved through the slim glasses with a small diameter and less air in it. Also the fruit spreads and jellys are hot botteled and locked.

Made in Germany.




Zutaten :

70 g Fruit per 100g Raspberry, Gojiberries, sugar, gellant: petcin, acidifier: lemonacid

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Marmeladen Manufaktur Nordfriesland, Hans-Uwe Glashoff; Muehlenweg 11; 25920 Stedesand

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