Pumpkin Spice Syrup

A delicious pancake with some pumpkin spice syrup in the morning is just delicious. But the problem is how to get this kind of syrup in germany. One option woud be to cook it on your own. This is possible and there are many pumpkin spice syrup reipes in the net. But it takes time, skills and experience to have delicious one. Another option would be our syrups from Blackberry Patch. This is a small manufacturer in Georgia who produces a lot of artisan products including many types of syrup. Cooked in small batches and without any artificial ingredients you can taste that they know how to make a real quality product.

Pumpkin spice syrup from the US

In case oft he pumpkin spice syrup you can choose from two versions. One is 12 Oz and based on corn syrup the other one is 8 Oz and without any additieves, flavour and colors. It is 33% of pumpkin, cane sugar some lemon juice and spices. This is a all natural product and very delicious. The 12 Oz product is a bit sweeter and thicker, but with less pumpkin.

For a real deicious american breakfast we recommend to choose some of our premium syrups like blueberry, apple butter, peach, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry or pumpkin spice syrup and buy it online on this web site.